John Aslanian

I have been researching Aesthetic Medicine, treatments and technologies and working with Dr Lisa Zdinak for over 10 years.  I research worldwide, not just the US.  I attend  AMWC  The Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress, The world’s largest event for Global Aging Management to see technologies that are not even available in the United States.  There are over 5000 physicians in attendance ( only a handful in the United States.  I actually feel sorry for Doctors in the United States they have to work so hard to pay for malpractice insurance and deal with health insurance, its understandable they dont have the luxury to do that much research, they are busy working.  I also work closely with celebrity nutritionist Oz Garcia and helped him develop his longevity vitamin package.  His clientele include over 20 from the Forbes four hundred list and celebrities too numerous to count.  I have tried to bend over backwards and be fair in my assessment of the different technologies.  I think surgeons are biased towards surgery and whoever has a machine will be biased towards the machine they have.  However as a manager at Precision Aesthetics, I can assure you there is not a device on the market that costs more than the value of procedures we do in one month.  If there was a technology that we thought was superior to what we offered we would have bought it yesterday.  In fact we are often offered to be the first in New York by many companies to carry their newest technology.  We were the first to offer BTL Industries Exilis, the first to offer Thermage NXT, Thermage 16.0, Thermage CPT.  We are no stranger to being the first to offer the newest technologies IF THEY ARE SUPERIOR to what we already offer.