Simply google search any of those terms,, There are a number of websites inculding the National Institute of Health or the NIH that has a number of articles describing side effects that have occurred.  Check out the post on real Self   The woman describing Paradoxical Hyperplasia where the cells actually start rapidly increasing.   Here is part of what she said “At this point the areas look 3 times bigger than they were before the treatment! My mid section increased by 3 inches! It was never ever this big. I am afraid I have a complication called ‘Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia’ (PAH)  By the way this used to be  mentioned on their website but they took it down.  And of course you still have people complaining of pain many weeks later which is probably because the nerves were damaged by the treatment.  It really doesnt make sense when you have radio frequency devices like Thermage and Exilis safely melting fat for over 15 years with the side effect of smoother tighter skin, Whereas with coolsculpting if everything goes perfectly you will have more loose skin and still need a Thermage or Exilis skin tightening treatment anyway.  Why pay twice to accomplish a result you could achieve with just one procedure.