The Holy Grail today is to get rid of our fat, loose saggy skin, flab, cellulite and stretchmarks without dieting and exercise.  Actually many who diet and exercise discover that due to their age or hormones even after they eliminate fat by natural means they are left with loose or flabby skin.  But lets get to it.  Whats up with coolsculpting ?  They are spending 45 million dollars advertising this year. That dwarfs every other procedure combined.  Its going to seem as American as apple pie because you will not be able to walk down the street without seeing a billboard.  But what is it ? Does it work ? Is it the best procedure for my particular needs ? What are the side effects or potential negative outcomes ? Is it safe ? Is it proven ? I am going to try to address it all to the best of my ability.  I have been studying non invasive technologies for ten years, not just in the USA but in Europe.  One of the largest medical conferences of the year is AMWC  The Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress dubbed the The world’s largest event for Global Aging Management.  It is 3 days of lectures on anti aging and aesthetic medicine.  And it doesnt even take place in the United States.  All the manufacturers are there from  A to Z ( Allergan to Zeltiq) Hundreds of exhibitors.  Just to give you an example of one that I am very familiar with BTL Industries.  Means nothing to you but they developed Exilis one of the leading technologies in Europe for skin tightening and FDA approved for wrinkles and even non surgical fat reduction.  The same company makes the Acoustic Wave that is the gold standard for cellulite in Europe.  I say this because its a complicated world with hundreds of devices from dozens of countries.  In fact what is even offered in the US is not necessarily the best procedure.  You just need to understand the scope of the question, what is the best procedure for each condition.

31 – March & 1 – 2 – April, 2016